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Gesundheit lässt sich einrichten.

Corporate Principles

1. NITZBON - Competent Craftwork with Tradition

Founded in 1934 as a family trade business, the NITZBON company made a major and fundamental decision in the seventies to concentrate solely on the field of ergotherapy and rehabilitation equipment. Today, around 30 years later, we are widely recognized as a leading specialist with the highest expertise in the design and manufacture of innovative equipment for practical application in the field of ergotherapy. The first-rate quality of our largely handmade products; the individulized flexibility and modular combination possibilites, as well as the decades of experience of the firm have made us a highly respected partner in this highly specialized market segment. The path we have followed: Technical progress for over 60 years - with ongoing success.

2. NITZBON - stands for Partnership

We are your partner when it comes to ergotherapeutic and rehabilitation equipment. That is not just a promise, it is a daily challenge. A true partnership for us is constructive dialogue, without which the further development of the technology would be impossible. It is a detail which optimizes a therapeutic unit, or an idea which pops up in discussion and leads to an innovative exercise and training device. We want to provide you, whether therapist or patient, with effective aids. To achieve that we must always be exchanging information and insights with you - that is our mission, our vision and the key to technical progress all rolled into one. To put it succintly: We want to "Build for Life" - that is both our philosophy and our practical concept.

3. NITZBON - stands for Quality-of-Life

The focus is on the individual. We understand ergotherapeutic and rehab equipment to be, first and foremost, instruments which help patients find their way to greater independence. We want to empower them to better master their daily routines, to be more comfortable, more mobile and to raise their quality of life. We are unceasingly in search of better - of the best - solutions. The well-founded professional knowledge, vast practical experience and a large dose of creativity are the keys we rely upon in developing optimal solutions. Our customers acknowledge and confirm this, which is why we have their trust.

4. NITZBON - stands for Service

In addition to expert consultation, our all-encompassing service also includes the complete outfitting of therapy practices and ergotherapy wards in orthopedic, pediatric and rehabilitation clinics and practices. Our services can start with the planning and providing advice on choosing appropriate equipment; we can continue with customized design of individualized exercise units and we can follow through with all necessary maintenence and repair of the equipment. Give us a challenge - we are here for you.

5. NITZBON - stands for Progress

We are, and we will be in the future, exclusively focused on researching and developing innovative devices and equipment for use in occupational and rehabilitation therapy settings. The transformation of NITZBON into a stock corporation in the spring of last year laid the cornerstone for further expansion and the continued growth of the company. Since the transformation, management lies in the competent hands of the siblings Petra Nitzbon-Grimberg and Jens Nitzbon. Together they guarantee that the firm remains true to the "Built for Life" philosophy both in dialogue with customers and in the benefits for the users of NITZBON products. Their driving concept is to combine the invaluable tradition of NITZBON - creative planning, practical applications and first-rate quality - with relentless ongoing product improvements and innovation. At NITZBON we will always be moving with the times!

6. NITZBON - stands for Expertise in three decisive Areas

"Built for Life" - this slogan is the fundamental premise underlying our engagement. Ergotherapy and rehabilitation equipment, outfitting clinics and consultation - these are just some of the areas which we are active in. Mobility aids, therapy benches, tables, seating, and innovative training and exercise units for pediatrics encompass just a part of the spectrum which we have to offer. But it would simply be best, if you went ahead and convinced yourself - the competence symbols you see on these pages will help to guide you along!

Occupational Therapy - life-renewing energy from within

Whether for acute, chronic, obtained or genetic motoric disturbances; whether for a majority of afflictions of the central nervous system, or for treating perceptual problems affecting psycho-social abilities: Ergotherapy can help. Conceived as a form of occupational therapy, ergotherapy achieves - among other functions - a general mobilization of the physical body, a strengthening of the musculature of affected extremities or provides excellent stamina and strength training. But ergotherapy can do much more: It builds self-confidence and motivates the patient to act and independently take control of his or her daily routines. Most importantly, ergotherapy provides the patient with a positive attitude towards his or her work achievements and towards life itself. To provide support in these areas is the absolute top priority for NITZBON.

"Work is the best medicine which nature has provided us with."
Claudius Galenus of Pergamon, Roman Doctor (129-199 a.d.)