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Gesundheit lässt sich einrichten.

Innovation and Tradition – We Help You!

To allow people with limited movement a maximum in mobility and movement – this has been the uppermost aim of the Nitzbon AG for over 75 years. This remains our claim also in future. Based on this successful and reliable craft quality is the vision what people will help tomorrow.

In occupational therapy and rehabilitation our family enterprise is leading for more than 40 years. In this market we have a constant cooperation with experienced therapists. They know what is necessary. We know what is possible.

We have developed therapy devices for the most different uses in rehabilitation and physiotherapy. Especially height adjustable tables are being produced in numerous variations for the occupational therapy, for hospitals and nursing facilities as well as for the job and for home. Also a big choice in stools and chairs is on offer. One of our bestseller is the Swippo® - The Ergonomic Saddle Stool.

Also new products and precise therapy concepts are demanded. Thus product group has been developed by NITZBON and therapists in the field of „occupational rehabilitation“. We call it „WorkPark“.

The NITZBON manufacture stands for the combination of careful, tailor-made product manufacture with contemporary manufacture.

The Nitzbon AG – Therapy Devices Made In Hamburg!